Frequently Asked Questions

Q.     Who manages your Web Store?
  1. All of the products, prescriptions and approvals are strictly controlled by our clinic. You are ordering directly from us but with the convenience of ordering “on-line”..
Q.    What do I have to do to be able to shop on your Web Store? Do I have to register?
  1. Registration is very easy to do. Just ask any of our staff members to register you for Web Store shopping. The only information we need from you is your e-mail address. Once you are registered, an email will be automatically sent to you, providing you with your unique password. You can change that password at any time through the Web Store. And rest assured that your email address or any information about you or your pet will never be made available to anyone else.
Q.    Will I receive junk e-mail?
  1. Never! (At least never from us) We will never sell/trade our patient e-mail/postal address lists for any reason.
Q.     Will you send me reminders when I need to re-order?
  1. Yes. For all therapeutic diets, the Web Store will automatically send you a reminder to reorder. This will help ensure that you do not run out of products, and continue to give the benefits of continued and consistent care to your pet.
Q.     Is my personal information and credit card transaction secure?
  1. Our Web Store uses secure transaction and encryption technology. Security is immediately activated when you log in. No one can access your personal information transmitted over the web. All names and personal information in our database is encrypted and unreadable without the proper security passwords and is not given out to anyone.
Q.     Why not order from one of those other on-line web stores?
  1. Ordering through our Web Store is faster and safer for your pet. All of your pet’s and diets are strictly controlled by your veterinarian through our Web Store. When you order from some other on-line pet stores, they are required by law to try and validate your order through your veterinarian, introducing time delays and potential errors. In fact, some of these web stores advertise that the Veterinarian's approval is not needed, potentially putting your pet’s health at risk. And we personally know your pet, almost as well as you: the Web Store is just an extension of our office!
Q.     Who do I contact if I have problems with my order?
  1. Call us anytime at the number listed at the top of this web page. We are here to help you.